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Teaching at the End of the Year

Hello teacher friends! This is Kelly from My Fabulous Class. Today, I am going to share some FUN teaching ideas to help you survive the last few weeks of school.
I try to maintain my classroom routine for as long as possible. I really feel it helps keep the kids STAY CALM if they know what to expect. My kids still do Literacy and Math Centers until the last week. Yes, they get interrupted by school musical and field days, but when we are in the room, we keep the routine.I did create a few extra fun games to share with you.

First up, Fly Swat – Missing Addends. You can get this game FREE in my store. I bought the fly swatters at the Dollar Tree. In a small group, lay out all of the flower cards. I made missing addend cards for making 5 and making 10. I put the fives on pink card stock and the tens on blue to easily differentiate. Flip over  a missing addend card. First student to swat the correct flower gets the point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.
I made a similar game for CVC words. I put students in groups of four. Students take turns being the “word caller.” and the other students swat the correct word. You can grab this game FREE HERE. This game is great for a word work center.
At writing center, I just placed some stamps I found at Walmart and told students to make stories with them. They LOVED this simple activity. It kept students very engaged while I was completing my DRAs.
Another great math game were these sunglasses. I bought the sunglasses and stickers at Walmart. I placed different patterns on the stickers. Students wrote down the number equations. You can get the recording sheet FREE HERE.
Have you ever had your kids bowl to work on subtracting from ten? I LOVE this game…but it can get LOUD. I found this recording sheet at Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten.

Finally, I found these cute foam feet at the Dollar Tree. I wrote sight words and we played a version of musical chairs. I put the feet in a circle. When the music stopped, students had to read the word they were by. If they could read it, they got to keep it. If they couldn’t, they would sit down. This was so fun, I bought more feet to write letters on for next year.

I hope you found some great ideas to help you survive  teaching at the end of the year!

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