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4 Fast & Easy End-of-the-Year Ideas

Having FUN Cleaning Desks:

With shaving cream!  Writing our sight words and numbers too.

The desks got soooooo clean!
And it made the classroom smell fresher too.

Making a FUN Keepsake: 

Candles made out of your students' used crayons!
Those are our "Nature Prints" behind the crayon candles. Get the full directions by clicking HERE.

A New Use For Our Kindergarten Crayons-  We made candles out of our old kindergarten crayons.
Kids place broken, unwrapped crayons in the jar, place a birthday candle
in the center.  Away from children, spoon paraffin wax into the jars.

I used my Spa Paraffin Hand Treatment kit to melt the wax.
A plastic soup spoon worked great to pour the wax over the crayons.

You can download the poem that goes with these candles for FREE by clicking HERE.

A FUN Last Day Treat:

Our parent volunteers made these cute dolphins for our graduation treat:
Cut bananas, add two eyes with a Sharpie, and grapes!

A FUN gift From Your Teacher:

A penny for success & a kiss 'cause you'll be missed.
Just like Miss Bindergarten!

I hope your last day was (or will be) FUN!
Add your FUN ideas in the comment section.

See you all next month on June 30.
from KFUNdamentals   :)

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