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Thanksgiving CVC Freebie

Hello Kinder Tribe friends!  It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive with a quick and simple freebie you can use with your students in November! 

Use this resource in a center, or as a whole group activity to help assess your students on their blending skills!

Cut up the turkey cards, and have your students match the words to the pictures.

Then have your students write the words on the corresponding turkey recording sheet:

Quick and easy assessment for this very busy time in the school year!  You can grab this freebie here:

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Dollar Store Finds for Fall

Hello kindergarten friends!  Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley.  Is there anything better than getting kids engaged with some Dollar Store finds?  I love filling our math tubs with fun activities.  Today I will share some of new math activities I found recently at the local Dollar Store. 
First up: Ten Frames!
We use ten frames for just about everything in Kindergarten.  I introduced counting collections this week with these fun ice cube trays just in time for my pumpkin unit.  I got the colored pom poms at the Dollar Store too so they could have something festive to count.  
This group counted by color and sorted their tens into little boats from the cafeteria.  We are loving counting our larger collections by tens!
This group just wanted to count all of their collection before time was up so they just went for it!

These little cuties were counting their pom poms by size.  So many ways to differentiate with this activity! 

Next up: BIG DICE!
I love big dice!  I was really excited to find these big dice in the toy section.  We will be using these for some addition activities next week but we wanted to try them out in our math tubs just for fun.  I use dish pans to store all of our math tub materials in and they work wonders for keeping those die from flying all over the room.
Fun right?  Kids are racing to the math tubs every day to get their hands on these fun materials.  The best part?  I didn't break the bank!

Thanks for stopping by for some math fun today. Share your favorite Dollar Store finds in the comments below!  

Favorite Fall Books

Hey friends!  It's Amanda from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten here with you today!

Do you have any favorite books that you love to teach for fall?  I do!  And I love using them to teach a standard that is really difficult for my kindergarten kiddos.

I love using The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves to teach the standard R.L.K.9 (With prompting and support, compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in familiar stories).

My students really struggle with this standard, especially at the beginning of the year, but when I use these books to start us out the concept becomes easier to grasp.

I start by reading both books multiple times.  My students LOVE to help me read The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by saying the sounds the different items make and doing motions with them.

Then after my students are familiar with both stories we do a retelling of each story and put story cards in order.

Once we have the pictures in order, we start to compare and contrast the books.  I ask the students what they noticed was the same and different in the stories.  Then as they tell me we make a Venn Diagram with the pictures.  It is quick and easy activity and covers multiple standards.

Would you like to have some of these picture cards to do this activity with your class?  Just click here to grab them for FREE!

Have You Seen All of The GREAT Literacy Center Ideas on DJ Inkers' Blog???

Well, they have math ideas too & I even have a FREEBIE for YOU!

DJ Inkers included two of my recent activity ideas on their blog.
You can read more on their blog by 
and then just scroll down to see my ideas along with many more.

My first idea was a literacy center created with my Onset Rimes (not rhymes) Flowers:

Click the flower to grab this FREEBIE!

Copy these on card stock, and your students will LOVE spinning the flower petals to create new CVC words. 

You can get 5 of them for FREE, that's 1 for each vowel, by

You can grab the entire set here:
Click the image above to get the entire set.
My Rime Time set was made using 
graphics from 
DJ Inkers' Kids All Year Clipart.
to see the entire set of graphics 
and scroll down to see my Rime Time set 
featured in their "ideas" section. 

My second idea was my Back-to-School Backpack Math Activity:

Click the image to see the entire product. 
This project promotes mental math and oral language.

Each student gets a backpack template to cut out and glue to a paper lunch bag. Working with a few children at a time, give the first child 10 cents and let that child "buy" enough school supplies to total 10 cents without going over 10 cents.  
Click the image to see the entire set. 

After everyone has shopped, they get to meet in a small or whole group setting to discuss their purchases. 

The parts fit nicely in the lunch bag to take home and share with their families. 
You can grab this Backpack Shopping Set by 

You can see the entire blogpost on DJ Inkers' blog by 
or on this image:

and if you scroll down, you will see my backpack project.

My Backpack set was made using 
DJ Inkers Kiddilywinks.
to see the entire set of graphics  
& scroll down after clicking the link 
to see my backpack product 
displayed in their "ideas" section. 

If you are like me, and you love DJ Inkers' graphics, 
check out their website and their blog 
for some really cute ideas for your classroom!

Oh, and if you are looking for a cute October Math project or some great graphics to create your own...

You can grab my new "Sum Spiders" by 
And guess what? It's on sale from today through Oct. 2.
So Sum Spiders is on Sale through Sunday! 

Click the image.
You can see how to use this cute set here:

I used DJ Inkers "'Spook'tacular Smiles" graphics and fonts to create this product. I'm raffling off an entire set of these "'Spook'tacular Smiles" graphics right here on my blog so,
 scroll down to enter. 
The winner will be announced on October 7. 

Click the image below to grab a set NOW. 
This set is ON SALE through Sept. 30.
Click the image to grab your set now. 
If you would like to win your very own copy of 
DJ Inkers' 
'Spook'tacular Graphics,
follow the links on the Rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


And, you can shop for more Halloween treats at DJ Inkers 

Use my affiliate link and start shopping 
at DJ Inkers 
& find out what all the smiling is about!
to shop. 

Use my "Sum Spiders" all year long. Use spiders in October and then again in the spring. I'll use my other DJ Inkers Graphics to create more themes to use throughout the year, so stay tuned for more FUN with SUMS!

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Organizing Literacy Centers

Hello friends! Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley to bring you some ideas about literacy centers today. 

Literacy centers can be organized a million different ways. Believe me. I've tried them all! The most important thing you need to remember when planning your centers is that they need to work for YOU! I have a teaching partner that runs her centers completely opposite of how I do them and we both run really effective classrooms. It all comes down to your own unique teaching style. I've read a lot of great ideas from teachers here at the Kinder Tribe this month so you have plenty to choose from. Here is one idea of how to organize your literacy centers. 

Where do I start? 
Ask yourself this question. Do I want my students to work through centers independently or do I want them to cycle through on a schedule? It depends on how you like it. I use a Daily 5 model in my room so my kiddos make their choices on their own. I put out plenty of choices and they pick. 
Every week my students have 5 choices. This week I included a Cut & Glue activity, Sound Clips, ABC Center, Spin & Dab, and Write the Room. These choices will change from time to time but for the most part they stay consistent. This helps me because I don't have to keep explaining centers each week.

Listening station is always a choice in our classroom too. I just change out the story every week and eventually I add in an accountability piece with a response sheet. Here is an example of a simple response sheet.  

I have been looking for a couple of more permanent centers to include as choices too so I did some digging this weekend. The first one that I found was a big book center. This isn't a new idea but it is new to me. Someone gave me a bunch of big books and I thought this would be a great way to incorporate them. Students visit the center and search for sight words in the books. Simple, fun, and add in a couple of pointers and it is sure to be a hit! 

The last idea I have to share is a simple write the room activity. I love using these with my kiddos but at this point I only have them recording words from around the room. Later when they are a bit quicker with the process I add in a spot for them to draw a picture of the word too. Here is an example.  

I've included these files HERE for free if you'd like to give them a try. Thank you for stopping by today! 

Beginning of the Year Centers

We spend much of the beginning of the year working on routines and assessments, along with building foundational skills that will help our students become successful throughout the year.

When we think of what we want our students to do academically by the end of the year, our answers may vary, but over all we want them to read and solve simple math facts.  But how do we get them there?  In short, we need to pick apart skills that will help lead them to the end result.  What are these skills, you may ask?

In the area of literacy, we take the reading skill and break it down into smaller skills.  These skills include reading strategies, word knowledge, alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness. So now on to the question of, what to do now with your students that will help with the goal of reading.  Here are some of my favorite centers that I use during this time to build these skills.



This is created by Bonnie Kathryn Teaching.  Click here to view this product in her TPT store. This is a great center for children during this time of the year.  Children can work on these independently while you pull kids up for assessing.

Other alphabet center that I like to use include Alphabet UNOCandy LandClip games and sorts.  I like to use games as a way to engage students.  They are not only learning and practicing fluency, they are having fun and ask to play it often.

Here are the images to the products.

UNO MAS Alphabet      Candy Land Beginning Sounds          Beginning Sound Clips       Crayons Beginning Sounds

Phonological Awareness

Other centers that I like to introduce at this time include syllables and segmenting words.  I will often do these activities as a whole group or small group and then add them to our center collection.

My students love these centers.  The more that they can manipulate words and sounds, the more they are able to remember, engage, and use these skills.  Some of our favorite centers include Snap and Count Syllables by the Reading Mama and syllable clipssyllable cards and segmenting cards.

Segmenting Sounds     Syllable Cards   Syllable Clips

Reading Strategies:

I begin to talk about reading strategies during our small group shared reading time (This is a requirement from my district).  When it came time to teach these skills, I wanted it to be fun, engaging, and interactive.  I was searching for something that would help.  I came across this by Deanna Jump.  It had everything that I was looking for, and once I started using it, the kids loved it and therefore were able to recall may strategies when reading books at their level.

Guided Reading

Please click this link to check this resource out in her TPT store!

The beginning of the year can be filled with stress, preparation, meetings, assessments, and getting to know your students (not necessarily in the that order).  It is important that we all remember to build on each student's knowledge, and help to build a strong foundation for each.

I hope you are all having a great start to the school year!

What skills do you focus on during this time of the year?  What are your "Must Do" centers or activities?

Beginning of the Year Literacy Centers: Taking it one day at a time...

Hey, friends! 

It's Breanna from A Pinch of Primary and I am sharing how I take it day-by-day during my literacy centers at the beginning of the year! We are 31 days into school and we are rocking it so far!


My school follows the Daily 5 model, so we do a lot with building stamina, so we literally and figuratively take it day-by-day. I LOVE LOVE building stamina. It is such a great way to show the kids that they are capable of working for longer periods of time the harder they work. We do a lot of charting and graphing of our learning progress with data binders, so this is a GREAT way for them to see their growth and get EXCITED about learning. I am talking CHEERING and CLAPPING when our stamina chart jumps (and not just from me haha)! It's a beautiful thing when we hit 20 minutes on our stamina chart!

Now, at first, literacy stations are very basic. We start with Read to Self and the other parts of our literacy block like phonics and such just become more like mini lessons and guided practice until we really get into the nitty-gritty of Word Work, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, etc. We do a lot of name activities at the beginning and discussing how we use our materials.

Step 1 of taking it day-by-day:

Introduce EVERY. STEP.

Just like every other procedure we teach, literacy stations should be treated the same way. I am oh so blessed with the only carpeted kindergarten room. Yes, it's nice and cozy for sitting on the floor, but it is not Play-Doh friendly. Play-Doh is my go-to first literacy station and you better believe we practice taking the lids off and how to pick the Play-Doh up like it's a sponge. Play-Doh is a huge hit and works so well for so many activities. I use name mats and then I introduce the placemats for Play-Doh on the floor. The key is in the details. I DO NOT have time for dried up Play-Doh week 1, so we practice it and practice it and practice it again.

Step 2 of taking it day-by-day

Don't give a million options.

Yes, if you're like me, you're remembering your now 1st grade babies and remembering how they could basically find everything and knew exactly how to do each and every station, but these adorable, new faces don't know your classroom like they do. Introduce one station and get them used to it. Then, introduce something else. I am so guilty of trying to introduce multiple things at one time to save time, but I always regret it. Give them a second to feel comfortable with the activity and then introduce something new and exciting. I PROMISE they will be PUMPED when a new activity surfaces in your literacy station area. They WILL spot that new letters game you set out. They might not be able to find their chair in the morning, but they'll usually notice something new (or maybe that's just my kids?!).

Step 3 of taking it day-by-day

Make them confident and independent in their work

Now, I think this is pretty self-explanatory. SHOW them they can be the experts. Let them be the experts. They are brilliant sponges and they can do amazing things. Now, it's not going to happen day 1. We lasted 20 seconds during literacy centers and we had JUST discussed learning to be independent readers of pictures and text. They clearly didn't get it the first time or the first 7 days, but they have now learned how and they are still learning how. Give them the ability to show you they are capable and they can do anything. (And you can get your reading groups in without little ones coming up to you with problems or questions!)

Literacy centers are time consuming, but so rewarding when you can see how how they are working and how engaged they are.

What are your tips for literacy centers at the beginning of the year?