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File Organization to Maximize Planning Time!

Hello teacher friends!  It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive with a quick organizational tip for some Winter file clean-up!

If you are anything like me, you have a million resources all over the place.  Resources that belong to your school or district curriculum, resources that you've purchased from TPT over the years, and things that have inherited from other teachers.  Every class is different, and I definitely don't use the same resources every year, so I have quite a collection of resources at my fingertips.

To begin with, I make a curriculum plan for the whole year usually during my summer break.  I try to match-up my different resources, and focus on the same things each week, such as penguins, pumpkins, reindeer, etc. I use this resource to help me see the big picture.

Curriculum Planning Calendar 2016-2017 School Year

I check my school calendar, and give each week a number.

I transfer the week numbers over to my planning calendar, and I start to organize my files. I label each file with a week number.

I put in all of the resources that I think I will need for the week, including homework and art projects.  I really do use a lot of TPT materials, and over the years I have prepped and laminated so many resources!

I used to keep every resource in a separate binder, and pull out things as I needed them, but storing all of my materials by week has really helped me be efficient in my lesson planning and copy making.

Every Wednesday, I pull out the file for the next week, and fill out my lesson plans on
If you haven't checked out Planbook before, you really should! It takes a little bit of effort to set-up, and the first year is a little more labor intensive, but it really keeps me organized! I love how easily you can designate standards for each lesson, and get a tally of how many times you have taught each standard in a year.

My copies are already in the folder ready to go.  From year to year, there are some things that I keep, and some things that I change, but this system has saved me an incredible amount of time.  I hit print on my lesson plans, and head off to the copy room!  Honestly, after having this system in place for about 9 years, it takes me a maximum of 30 minutes to complete my lesson plans, and get my copies ready for the upcoming week!

I know this is a super simple technique, and I hope all of you are already using it!  Hopefully it will help some of you out there cut down on your planning time, so that you can focus on one of the other million things on your to do list! : )

Classroom Organization: Getting a handle on all of the STUFF!

Hello Kinder Tribe! Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley. Today I am here to talk all about organization. Let me be honest....I am the WORST! I have great intentions and then I start making piles and throwing stuff in my closet and pretty soon I can't find a thing. I usually spend a day each Winter break cleaning out said closet and getting everything back in order. This year was no different! 

I don't have a picture of this one because I had to take my haul to the dumpster before I could change my mind. STOP hoarding! You will feel so much better...I promise! I had an entire garbage bag full of coffee cans that I have been tripping over for months and I can't think of a thing I want to do with them so I gave them to a friend instead. I threw away/recycled about 2 boxes full of other stuff and it gave me SO MUCH ROOM in my closet. Now my brain can function again.

Have you ever realized that you missed a fun unit because you FORGOT you had it? ME TOO! I started keeping these binders with my master copies of everything for the month to help solve that problem. I keep our Monthly Homework in these binders and some monthly Easy Prep Centers in case I need to grab something quick. 
I also keep our important school supplies in clear drawers with labels so I can send kiddos into the closet to grab more glue sticks if we need more. It helps me know when we are getting low too! 

I also keep my Reading Street materials in binders so all the extras I have to go with each unit have a home. I keep the unit I am teaching on my desk and these stay in the closet. 

I have slowly added to my collection of clear plastic bins so I can see what is hiding on every shelf. The $1.00 shoe bins are my favorite!

It took me all day but I got my closet cleaned out, made my trip to the dumpster and the recycling bins, and donated the rest of what I didn't want. I started 2017 with a little extra organization under my belt and it helped things run smoothly those first few days back.  
Thank you for stopping by Kinder Tribe today. I hope some of these tips can help you get a great start to a new year! 

Happy New Year..Let's get ORGANIZED!

Happy New Year from everyone at Kinder Tribe! We are so excited for 2017! 

I'm Breanna from A Pinch of Primary and this month the Kinder Tribe members are going to be discussing all things ORGANIZATION. 

Organization can mean a number of things for you, your teaching BFF next door/across the hall, or the loud voiced teacher that needs to close her door because she gets so into her read-alouds (maybe that's just me?? LOL). To me organization is something huge and/or something tiny. Whether you're cleaning off a few papers on your reading group table from September (hey, no judgement) or completely revamping your classroom library so it makes sense for you and your kids...IT WORKS and you can make it happen.

Now, I'm still on Christmas Break for another week few days (where did the time go?! #Denial) and I cannot deny that thinking about school has been the last thing on my mind. I haven't touched my school bag and I probably have the start of some dust bunnies on my beautiful Erin Condren planner, but that's what break is for, right? I scroll through Instagram and I see so many teachers working on so many amazing things to get themselves ready to go for the second half of the year, which gets my wheels turning. Yes, they might only be turning between shopping trips and SVU episodes, but they're still turning.

A very simple organization tip that I do at the end of Christmas Break is get the new school supplies out of my tubs and ready for the kids to come back to. They do not get all new supplies, but they will get new crayons, glue sticks, and pencils/erasers. I KNOW I am not the only one whose kids end up with roughly 11 half-broken (possibly half-eaten) crayons by Christmas. I mean, half of my kids haven't seen their black crayon since about Halloween...possibly before then. During Back to School time, I purchased these crayon boxes at Walmart for $1.00 per box (link is not through Walmart).

These have been LIFE SAVING! They fit 24 crayons perfectly and they fit so well in my supply caddies for my table groups. I use the standard supply caddies from Really Good Stuff.

To make my life (and their life) a little easier, I realized the 2"x4" shipping labels fit PERFECTLY on the boxes. 
Add some clipart and a few cute fonts and VOILA, they're ready to go. There's nothing quite like the smell and look of fresh out of the box Crayola Crayons. 

The lovely ladies at Kinder Tribe are going to have some amazing ideas for you and I can't wait to see what's up their sleeves. (Mostly so I can get it together this month!) #StillRecoveringFromChristmasBreak

Have an amazing New Year!

The 4 Top Skills Your Students Should Master In January & A Learning Opportunity For YOU Too!

These 4 skill sets are on  SALE for the New Year...

Phonics, sight words, writing, & math:
My favorite 3 Language Arts sets, plus my huge Numbers 1-10 set, are all on sale right now and through this New Year weekend! What a great way to welcome in 2017 and be ready for your "Littles" when school resumes in Jan.

January is the perfect time to focus on foundational Language Arts skills AND to review the numbers 1-10 before moving on to those tricky teens. Help your students to develop true conceptual understanding and build a firm foundation for the numbers 1-10. That will make the teens easier to understand.

1. All About Numbers 1-10: You get all of this for each number 1-10! The different templates allow you to differentiate and focus on specific skills. Great for RTI too.

2. Seasonal Journal Pages with Rubrics: You get the basic "pencil" rubric plus four additional templates, one for each season. Your students will love returning to school to a new "winter" journal. You can copy & bind these into a daily journal or use them one-at-a-time as needed.

3. Sight Word Pocket-Lockets: This makes a FUN small group lesson and can also be used to create an independent center. Just copy on colored construction paper, add scissors, glue, and some yarn to help your students create a pocket watch or a locket to wear home.

4. Alphabet Picture Cards and a template for a cute alphabet book: You can do one a week or one a day. Each page reinforces initial consonant and short vowel sounds.

Have you thought of attending a conference this January?

I'll be presenting at the PK1 Conference in Santa Clara, CA on Jan. 14 & 15.
You can read about all of the speakers and sessions by 
And if you're on the East coast, you can catch me at
The SDE Conference for Tennessee Pre-K Teachers by

I hope you enjoy the sale and have a wonderful New Year!
See you all in 2017!

How to host a successful Christmas book exchange

Hi everyone, it's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive!  I hope you are all resting on your Christmas break, and recharging your batteries!  Today I wanted to share a fun idea that we do in my classroom every year.

Every year when we get back from Thanksgiving break, I send out this note to my parents:
I ask them each to buy an inexpensive book to share, and suggest that they try looking at Walmart or Target.  I try to stress the importance of gender neutrality as well, although I've had a few years where parents don't listen (shocking I know) and bring in a super girly or very boyish book.  When that happens, my kids usually just end up trading books.

I usually buy a couple of extra little books and wrap them, because I'm afraid that someone won't bring their books at the last minute.  I've actually never had someone forget to bring a book tho!  Here is a picture of what it looks like in action.  It's super blurry because it's a couple years old, and also because they move so fast when I say ready, set, go that it's hard to capture the moment! : )

This has been a hit every year, and I hope it's something you can incorporate into your own classroom!  If you would like to download a copy of the letter I use you can click on the link below:

Elf Fun

Hey everyone, it's Amanda from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten and I would love to tell you about my absolute favorite holiday activity that I do with my class.

It's called "Elf Yourself" and it is so much fun!  I take my students and turn them into elves.

To make these fun crafts, I take pictures of my students and then use the templates in my craftivity to make the body, hat, hands, and feet.

I like using Christmas themed scrapbook paper to make these unique for each student.  You don't have to use scrapbook paper, you could simply use red, green, and white construction paper as well.

Not only do these make an adorable display in the classroom, but my parents always love getting these to hang in their houses and keep too!  I had a former parent tell me that she loves getting out her child's elf every year when they decorate their house for Christmas.

If you would like to make these, click on the image below to grab this product from my TpT store.

EASY FREEBIE Christmas Ornament!

Easy Craft Ornament 
Every year when I unpack my Christmas decorations I get this overwhelming guilty feeling that I am not doing enough with my kindergarten students. It can be overwhelming! 
Here is an easy ornament idea that you can put in a center this week to send home before Christmas. They turn out really cute! 
You can grab it here for free if you need an ornament to send home! Just click on the picture:
Yes...I changed it to say 2016 :) 
Every year when I unpack my Christmas decorations I get this overwhelming guilty feeling that I am not doing enough with my kindergarten students. It can be overwhelming!

All you have to do is print it on red construction paper and cut them out.  Cut a bunch of different strips of paper (I used a bunch of old scraps from my scrapbooking days) in the 4 sizes and I had the little star punch for the top but you could cut those out too.  I put it all in a bag so they didn't have to go grab anything....

I put a school picture on the back and that was that!  It was my stress free ornament last year and they turned out really cute! This year I am going to have a parent helper sit with my laminator and laminate them and cut them out as the kiddos make them and attach a little piece of ribbon. They will be tree ready as soon as they get home! 

Thanks for stopping in today to Kinder Tribe!