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End of the Year Purge

Hello there! Kirstin here from Hip Hooray in K! Excited to share my EOY Purge with you today!

I have a confession. I am a MAJOR pack rat during the year. I  never know what I will need or how much of it. So I save, save, save. By the end of the year me and my room are in need of a total purge and you may be surprised to find out where I start.

Yep, that's right. After YEARS of stashing books to build my classroom library, I am shocked I head into my library first. 

But then, again maybe I am not. After all, my libraries look like this after weeks of busy-ness have left them unattended to. 

I start by organizing both my leveled and interest-based libraries, weeding out ratty, unloved, low-interest books saving room for the favorites to breathe. I weed out the books with broken spines, ripped pages, and out of date content. I fix them up and get my book boxes back to new. 

What I end up with looks like this. 

About 50 books that haven't been read much, and aren't doing us much use.  But, since I hunted and gathered for them I can't give them up to easily. I hold a little garage sale in our classroom, where kids can take any of these books home for the summer for keeps!

Although they may not be read much at school where we have a full library, at home, where there may not be as many books, I hope they are gold. Summer reading and books for my kiddos to own.

I love being able to do this each and every year. All the books that still don't have a home I donate to SCARCE book rescue

Through this process I also reclaim all the thematic books that I had in my book spotlight rack.  These are books we read that go with our themes from the year. After we read them I put them into this small holder. My kiddos love these books and often put them into their own books boxes during book shopping. I keep them in circulation until the end of the year when I do my library purge and organization. 

End result - clean and organized libraries ready to be put away for next year!

Does your library need as much help as mine at the end of the year?
How do you get your library set for the next year? 

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  1. My library is also the first place I go for EOY purging. My students will end up taking home 3-4 books. I have 12 students.

  2. That's awesome Gina! I love that I am able to send those books home. And it feels good to get organized! :o)

  3. I have a friend going to 1st grade next year and I am going to purge to her! You've inspired me to get started!