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Olympic Field Day

Happy Saturday everyone! I am Jill from Chevron and Centers. We had field day last week and I would like to share some of our wonderful memories with you!
I love field day almost as much as my kinders do! They look forward to that magical day in May as soon as April rolls around. This year our AMAZING P.E. teachers as well as specials teachers planned an Olympic field day.
Each class is assigned a country. Our class got Austria. We did some research and found out a lot of cool facts about Austria! Did you know that Edward Hass invented the PEZ candy in 1928. My kinders didn't know what PEZ candy was so we had a taste test. Austria is known for its cakes and pastries. The Sound of Music was filmed in Austria!
We started our event with a parade of the countries! Our school is very large we have 850 students and we are only a K-2 school!! So half of our school does field day on Thursday and the other half on Friday. So the other classes sit out in the hallways and cheer for the parade. It is so much fun!!
My sweet kids getting ready!

Team America leading the parade! I love our specials teachers they are amazing and I couldn't imaging teaching without them!
The lighting of the torch. One of my sweet kinders had the honor!!!
We participated in several dances from different countries!
Our blurry congo line:)

Water relays are always a favorite. They love every minute of them!
Who doesn't love getting to soak your friends ha! I don't have any pictures of the squirt your teacher race but it was fun! The kids don't know that we also have a squirt bottle!!! Their faces are priceless when we fire back:)
I absolutely love these pictures of the long jump!

Next up is tug-of-war. Check out those game faces!!!

And to finish off the day the kiddos asked for selfies with me. How could you say no to those faces. I am going to miss these kiddos so very much! I have loved every minute of watching them grow and learn. They will be fabulous firsties and I am so very proud of them!
Thank you for stopping by the Kinder tribe to check out our field day festivities! Does your school have a field day? Please comment below and tell us all about it!!!

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