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Feature Friday - The Learning Studio Bug

Hi Everyone! It's Annie from The Learning Studio Bug! I'm very excited to share with you on this Feature Friday!

I want to share with you a few of the tools I use to reinforce my behavior management system in my classroom.

I have a whole "bear" theme which my kiddos LOVE! I also love the ease of using a clipchart! The children's names can be moved "up" the chart quickly and it creates a great visual to reinforce those good habits and behaviors which we love to see! 

It's so important to ensure that these little kiddos are given every opportunity to receive positive reinforcement when they perform their responsibilities well, follow instructions, being good listeners, stay on task and most importantly when they follow the class rules. I disagree with having behavior charts that can potentially demoralize a child's self esteem and shut down their initiative to perform their very best.  So rather than "dinging" them for poor behavior choices, I committed to reinforcing GOOD behavior choices in my behavior management system. This is what I came up with, created and have used with great success in my classroom.

This system is pretty simple and this is how it works:

During the first week of school when rules and expectations are modeled, I introduce my "How Is Our 'Bear'`Havior?" Clipchart to the class.

Each day they earn the opportunity to move their "Bear" Clip up to the next color on the chart based on their behavior (for example when they make good choices, perform their responsibilities well, follow instructions, being good listeners, stay on task and most importantly when they follow the class rules).

The beginning color on the chart is green. They are called "Climbing Bears". Every student is a "Climbing Bear" and strives to continue "up" the chart as they progress. When they reach the top of the chart, they've earned "The Golden Bear" award for that week. 

At the end of each day, I give each student a token whose clip was moved up. They can earn up to four tokens each week. With their four tokens they can exchange them into "Bear" Bucks. (I couldn't resist throwing in a little monetary exchange to reinforce their money math skills :) If a student hasn't earned a token, their "Bear" Clip remains on that color and can continue to strive to move upwards the next day. At the beginning of each week all the "Bear" Clips begin again at the color green. 

They can then use their "Bear" Bucks to purchase reward coupons or opt to delve into the class treasure chest where specific reward items or coupons are worth from one "Bear" Buck on up. Trading opportunities are provided at the end of each month. They are always SUPER excited to save those "Bear" Bucks and trade them in for such tangible rewards that they themselves have worked hard to earn. It's wonderful to see the look of pride in their expressions when they earn each token or "Bear" Buck and receive their reward coupons or treasure!

*For any cuties whose "Bear" Clip remains on the first green color, I send home a short note to their parents encouraging them to discuss the importance of making good choices at school and to remind them to keep trying. I believe in all they can achieve and remind them that they "Can Do It!"

As with any behavior management system implemented in your classroom, it must be clear to your students and consistent in order for it to be most effective. Classroom management is especially important at the beginning of the school year. It sets the precedent for the rest of the year and the tempo of attitude in your classroom. I've found my "Bear"~Havior system to be very engaging, good habit forming and most of all positively reinforcing for my little cutie~pies' behavior. They feel safe in our classroom environment and know exactly what is expected of them in our daily routine.

      Thank you so much for making me a part of our Kinder Tribe's Feature Friday!!!

My "Bear"~Havior System is available to download and use for your classroom at:


  1. That's a very unique and positive system, Annette! Thanks for sharing! May I ask what kind of consequences you have for poor behavior choices since there is no moving down with this system?

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

    1. Carlee Hello again!
      After more consideration. I felt compelled to add one more chart at the bottom of my clip chart. It will be called "Consider It Cubs". For our little bear cubs who need those five minutes to reflect on making better choices. Again, it's my intention to make this a "positive" endeavor for managing our cuties in a safe & engaging environment. This last chart can be an optional installment. Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Hi Carlee! Thanks for your kind words! Good question! I did leave it out as I wanted to focus on the positive role that this type of behavior chart plays. I do ask that they spend the first five minutes of their recess time sitting out to think about the choices made. I talk to them about what would be a better choice. If the behavior continues, I send an email home to their parents to discuss with them. If there are more extreme circumstances, this could be a sign of something more serious in nature or the simple need for attention. Then schedule a conference with parents to determine the best behavior plan for their child and how both parent and teacher can partner as a team to provide the most appropriate incentive/consequence for their child. I hope this helps to answer your question. I've had all kinds of interesting experiences (as I'm sure all teachers have) with different dynamics at play. No two classes are alike. I've had great success with class management and student engagement using this system. So I definitely wanted to share with you and the teaching community a more positive approach. There will however, always be the possibility of those unexpected situations that can pop up and I make certain to have the most positive outcome possible for all those involved. I'm committed to providing a safe and engaging classroom environment where children can strive toward doing their very best.