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Feature Friday: Abigail from Kindergarten Chaos

Welcome friends!

Today is our first Feature Friday @ Kinder Tribe!

Every Friday we will be featuring a member of the Kinder Tribe group and they will be sharing their expertise with us! Our first feature member is Abigail from Kindergarten Chaos!
Take it away Abbie!

Hello Kinder Tribe and thank you for the warm welcome! So excited to be the Feature Friday today and share The 10 Best Books to Read the First Week of Kindergarten. But before I share these books, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Abigail {Abbie} and I teach Kindergarten in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have taught half-day and full-day Kindergarten, as well as 2nd grade. But by far, my passion and heart is in Kindergarten!


I am married to my hunny of almost 17 years and have 3 kids, ages 14, 8, and 6. Along with the titles of wife, mom, and teacher, I am also a blogger. I have 2 blogs, Lovin' Our Chaos {a lifestyle blog} and Kindergarten Chaos, my educational content blog. Come on over and visit me sometime!

10 Best Books to Read the 1st Week of Kindergarten
As most of us know, Kindergarten is its own little enchanted world. While some students have had previous school experience, many have not and we get to be their first teacher and introduction to school. This can bring a wide range of emotions for these little people and especially during the first week. That is why I always bring out my favorite, 'warm & fuzzy' books to read. I have found that reading picture books in a whole group setting those first few days, takes away some of their fears and anxiety, plus gives me multiple teaching opportunities about feelings, emotions, making friends, rules, procedures, and just how great school and kindergarten is going to be!
Usually the very first book I read on the first day of school is Kindergarten Rocks.

Kindergarten Rocks

I love to be exuberant and tell them why I love Kindergarten so much, how much fun we are going to have, and that our brains are going to grow from all that awesome learning we are going to do! This positive book typically brings a feeling of excitement and then we dance and sing, because that's why Kindergarten Rocks, right?! ;-)

The Kissing Hand

Also on the first day, I do a mini-lesson about feelings and how we felt coming into the 1st day of school. We make an anchor chart and share our feelings with our shoulder partners. I then read The Kissing Hand and we make a 'Kissing Hand' hand-print keepsake to give to our families at the end of the day.
Other books that I read during the first week of Kindergarten include Pete the Cat books, I Love my White Shoes and Rockin' in my School Shoes. I mean who doesn't love Pete the Cat and his white shoes or when he rocks out in his school shoes?! And if you want to have some real fun, buy the Rockin' in My School Shoes CD or mp3! The kids love the music and we 'rock' out with our air guitars.

Pete the Cat Rockin' in my School Shoes Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes  

How about incorporating First Day Jitters, Mouse's First Day of School, Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come, If You Take a Mouse to School, and/or The Rainbow Fish? These are great books that might relieve their fears about school and making friends.

First Day JittersMouses !st Day of SchoolLook Out Kindergarten, Here I Come

If You Take a Mouse To SchoolThe Rainbow Fish

 One of the last books I read during the first week of Kindergarten is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This is a fun book that allows me to easily transition into my alphabet centers and work stations.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Of course, if you read my post 35+ Books to Teach Rules and Procedures, then you know that I read a LOT of books during those first few weeks of Kindergarten!

Books to Teach Rules and Procedures

Well it's time to say goodbye and adios, but I hope you have been inspired to read one or more of these books this school year. But before I go, I would love for you to tell me YOUR favorite go-to books for the beginning of Kindergarten. Please mention them in the comments below. I look forward to reading what you all have to say. Have a fabulous school year and don't forget...Never Let Anyone Steal Your Happy! {My personal motto}

Never Let Anyone Steal Your Happy

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  1. What a great list of books! I love The Kissing Hand and read it every year on the first day of kindergarten. We do a whole Kissing Hand themed day that first day. :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Thanks Amanda! I look forward to everyone's Friday Feature!

  3. Awesome post, Abbie! I always have some Pete the Cat and Rainbow Fish the first week! I also love reading the David books because they are short and sweet and help build up read aloud stamina, and they definitely ease any first-day tension!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

    1. Thanks Deirdre! Good call on the David books. They ARE perfect for read aloud stamina! Good feedback! :-)

  4. Love your list and read The Kissing Hand on the first day and also do a little project for them to take home the first day. Another book I like to read the first week is I Like Me by Nancy Carlson to promote good self esteem. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great books. It is so hard to make a book list, there are so many good ones to read and share.

    Teaching Under the Sun

  6. Love your list! Great intro for Feature Friday's, Abbie!

  7. Love your list of books!!! I have almost all of them Pete the cat is my newest book obsession!!! I enjoyed readying your post Abbie!

  8. We enrolled our first daughter in this school and will enroll our second daughter too this month. My first daughter loves the Phoenix pre-k and we expect our second to feel the same.