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All About This Kinder Teacher: First Kinder Tribe Linky Party!

Hi Kinder Tribe!

This is Yukari from A Pinch of Kinder.

I'm popping in to bring your our first linky party as promised!!

As we are a new group, the admin group thought it would be fun to do a linky where we can all get to know each other a little bit more.  Thus, the "All About This Kinder Teacher" linky was born!

Here is how to participate!

1. Grab the image below and place it on your blog post.
Link it to this blog post!

2. Grab this second image and put it on any program where you can add text on top of it.  I used PowerPoint! {If you do not want to use the image, you can just type the questions out and answer them too!}

Here is mine if you wanted to see a sample!

3. Save the file as an image and upload it to your blog!

>> You can write a little blurb about each question too under the image! That's what I did but I won't take put it here since I don't want to take up too much space and your time! If you want to see it you can come by my blog ;) <<

4. Come back and link up your post in the InLinkz below :) Just press the "Add your Link" button at the bottom!

Please make sure that the link you are adding is the link to your actual blog post! Not your store, not your products, not your generic blog address... it should be your "All About This Kinder Teacher" post url!! If your post does not go to your actual blog post it will be deleted from the linky... and nobody wants that!

Also since this is all about making new friends and finding your tribe, please leave a meaningful comment on the 2 blogs before you and 1 blog after you! If you want to comment on more that would be even better! Spread the love!!

We hope you enjoy this linky and that you will get to know your fellow Kinder Tribe members even better :)


  1. Amen to Flair Pens!!!!!! I may have an addiction to buying them. And Cara Carroll!! Definitely a fan!! Isn't it crazy how the children come in SO young and leave you reading and doing addition problems?!

    1. I've turned my whole team on to flair pens! Yay for easy gift ideas!

    2. I think I am the only one who has NOT tried Flair Pens!!! I am going to the store today!!!!

    3. Kelly they are AMAZING!! Sams Club has a good set for only like 15 bucks!!!

  2. Okay big question! Do Flair Pens bleed through the paper?!

    1. Depends on the paper. If it is lined notebook paper, they do (not like a sharpie would, more like a crayola marker would). On anything thicker they are fine. I use them on notepads all the time and haven't noticed any bleeding unless I pres down the tip super hard.

    2. I LOVE them! Deirdre is right that they will bleed through thin paper, but they don't bleed through my EC planner or through my notepads!

    3. Thank you Lauren, I was just about to ask if they bled through an EC planner. I got my very first one this year and didn't want to use Flair pens (even though they're my fave) if they were going to bleed through! Thank you so much!!
      Deirdre is right, it's usually the lined notebook paper that the Flairs bleed through. I know they don't bleed through the Krista Wallden Paper collection or Post-Its! :-)
      One thing to be careful of though is getting the paper wet. The ink is just like a marker's ink and if the paper gets wet the ink washes away. I've had that happen a few times, the paper was a pretty tie-dye, but I lost what I had written on it!! :-)

  3. Not all the way through like a Sharpie, but they do leave a "shadow". I use them in my planner though and they don't make it impossible to see the second side of a page.