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Resources Round-Up - Literacy Centers

Hi guys!  It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive, and today I wanted to share with you my very favorite resources for literacy centers.  I've gone through many different centers over the years, and have changed things up what seems like a million times, so these resources that I am about to share with you  have been tried and tested, and really work well for kindergarten!

  I'll start with DeeDee Wills' resources, because I feel like she is always spot on as far as kindergarten skills go.  My favorite is the Writing Work Station.  This center requires little prep, and the students quickly understand how to complete the tasks, and stay engaged.  I use the labeling pages the most.

Writing Station The COMPLETE Set

Just Roll With It is another fun and engaging center.  You have to purchase the dice that go along with it, but my students absolutely love using the dice, and this is another center that is easily explained, and that the students can do independently.

Just Roll With It The COMPLETE Set

Next up are the center resources by Elizabeth Hall.  I would say that these resources require a bit more attention from the teacher at the beginning of the year, but they address important skills with the kids.  The first is Dictionary Drive, which gives students experience with finding letters, and then words in the dictionary.  I love how the skills build on each other, and once the students get the hang of it, they can complete it independently.  

Dictionary Drive {editable}

Words Under Construction gives the students extra practice with sight words, and allows them to use manipulatives to spell the sight words as well.  I like that both this center, and the Dictionary Drive center are editable as well.

Words Under Construction {editable options included}

Just my type is always at my computer station.  I start with the beginning sounds pack, then move on to the picture labeling, and then end with the sentence writing.  Again, I like how the skills build on each other, and also the fact that my students are learning simple computer skills like how to use the mouse, and where the letters on the keyboard are.

Just My Type {Beginning Sounds}

The last three that I use are ones that I have created for Read the Room, Write the Room, and I-Spy.  These are also resources that can be used the entire year with skills that build upon each other.

Kindergarten Centers MEGA Bundle

If I need any extra material, I always look to Annie Moffatt and her monthly NO PREP packets.  These packets are so full of amazing skills review!!!

All Year Math and Literacy NO PREP The BUNDLE (Kindergarten)

These are my go to literacy center resources.  What am I missing?  What do I need to add to my list?  Please share in the comments section what your favorite literacy center resources are!

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