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Heading Back to School? Who Can Use A New Laminator?

I Am In Love With This Laminator!

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It's my new favorite thing! 
So sleek, so smooth, so cool!

It heated up so quickly and was so easy to use too. 

All you have to do is slip the items you want to laminate into the plastic pouches. 

Click the image.

Then, slip the pouch into the input slot and let your Scotch Laminator do its thing. 

It will slowly pull the pouch into the machine and what comes out on the other side will make you smile!

I also laminated the backpack so it would hold up at my newest center. 

All of the pieces were laminated and I know they will last for years because this lamination is nice and thick. 

Students loved getting to fill their paper bag backpack with the items like liked most. 
If you like this set, click the image. 

I made extra cards for each piece so students may "buy" more than one of each item.

Did I mention that the laminator is super quiet too? Well, it is and I love how all of the colors pop when they are laminated. 

The best part is that they had fun while learning and sharing about their choices.

If you would like to see this Back To School Set,

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And Good Luck!!! 

Back to School Organization

It's that time of year.....we are all excited and getting ready for Back to School.

One of the first things I always do in my classroom is work on fine tuning my organization.  I do this before bulletin boards, before setting up my tables, and before I set up my desk.

One of my favorite organizations tips is setting up a place to keep all your materials for the week.

I bought these 3 drawer units and added labels to them for each day of the week.  I also added a label for "next week" as well.  As I make my copies for the week or pull activities and books, I just put them in the correct drawer.

This makes my life so much easier during the week.  It also makes planning for a sub (or emergency sub plans) so much easier.  I can just pull everything out of the drawer and voila, the sub has all he/she needs.

I have one extra set of drawers for work that needs to be checked, stuff to copy, and items that need to be filed.

Do you think you could use these in your classroom?  Just click {here} for a free download of the labels.  There is even a couple blanks ones that you can write your label on.

I hope your back to school time goes smoothly and you have the best year yet!

Back to School - Classroom "Rules"

Hey ya'll! It's Emily from Carnes' Corner.  I hope you've had an amazing summer!  

(Happy Christmas in July, by the way! Did you notice that was today?? Stick around for a fun Christmas in July giveaway at the bottom of this post!)


As we prepare to go back to school, I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE activities to do with the kids during the first week.  I'm BIG on having the students help me make our classroom rules (I call the procedures/promises), so that they feel they have some investment, or ownership in them.

So, on day 1 and 2, we brainstorm "rules" on the white board and add/edit them throughout the day(s). Here's what it looked like on day 3 for us last year...

Then, when we are completely happy with how everything looks and all of the promises are edited the way we want them to be, I transfer them on a poster to display in the classroom.  (I normally will write this at home that night, and bring it to school the next day--normally around day 4 or 5, depending on how much detail we need to add and how much editing is needed).  

They're SO excited to see it on a poster, and then I tell them that instead of signing it (we have a big discussion about a contract, etc.), we're going to make self portraits to place around our promises.  It's a super fun activity, and the kids LOVE it!  Here's what ours looked like this past year...

Do you have your kids help you when creating classroom rules? What does that look like in your classroom?


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Some of us at The Kinder Tribe wanted to share some of our TpT products with you to help celebrate the holiday!  Here's what's up for grabs:

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Back to School: Prep Your Classroom

Hello!  It's Katie from Miss Kate's Desk.  Today I want to share my tips for prepping your classroom in the summer.  I don't know about you but it seems like there's always a lot to do and clean.

1.  CLEAN.  My school is an older building and dust accumulates fast.  The first day into my classroom I like to clean EVERYTHING.  I dust and wipe down counters.  I pull out tubs and clean in and between them.  Basically I try to get every surface.  My custodians clean the floor and that's about it.  So before I start anything else I clean.  Swiffer dusters, Magic Erasers, and Clorox wipes are my best friends.

If you have tubs on top of your tables or pencil/crayon boxes those are good to clean too.  The best product I've found for them are Magic Erasers.  I wet them a little and wipe down the containers the students use on the tables.  We all know how they get marked up with crayons and pencils as much as we tell them not to.

You can see two of my favorites here...wipes and a Swiffer duster.

2.  REARRANGE.  Rearrange tables or furniture (find a buddy to help, no one needs a knee brace or hurt foot on the first day of school).

3. ORGANIZE.  I like to go through each shelf and area to get ready for the new school year.  I have a trash can or recycle bin close and go through things.  Yesterday I threw away some old literacy station pocket chart games that were tearing and haven't been used in a couple of years.  That freed up a bunch of space in my tubs.  It's also the time to think if your storage spots are useful and work for you.  If they do not, think of how you can rearrange.  We all know it's better to do it now than during the busy school year.  Summer is a great time to go through your math or literacy station activities.

I had a very small area for indoor recess activities and this year my district is bringing back PLAY in kindergarten.  We can have a small chunk to do play centers so I had to clean and organize an extra shelf to house new play center activities.  All the blue tubs you see are new (on sale) and what was there before was reorganized to a new spot.

4. BULLETIN BOARDS. I usually save these for last because I like to think of what borders I'm using and what is going to be on each board or wall.

Other helpful tips

  • STICK TO ONE TASK!  I am terrible at this, but it makes for a more productive time in your classroom.  Start in one spot on the task you're doing and keep at it.  4 things going at once will drive you crazy!  
  • MAKE A LIST.  Your mind is thinking of so many back to school things, a list is a great way to remember what you need to do.  I also have a list of things I need to make or buy as well.
  • DON'T STRESS.  Even if you do not get into your room until right before the first day of school, it's okay!  The students are not going to care if the cute growth mindset posters didn't get hung up in time or that the a bulletin board is blank.  
  • TAKE HELP IF OFFERED.  We have an amazing building aide who is up at our school a lot during the summer because she does PTO things.  She always is asking people what she can do to help.  I would never take her up on help in the past...but then she helped me do a bulletin board and she's amazing at it!  My mom also offers to help come up and dust and clean.  I gladly say yes.  Even little things like that save you time that you can use on organizing or planning.
Have a great rest of the summer and enjoy getting your room together for a new school year!  My system of how I work in my room over the summer may not be for everyone, but this is what works for me.  Find the best way for your room and your tasks that need to be completed.  

Meet the Teacher- Back to School

 Hey tribe! It's Jill from Chevron and Centers.
 The 2016-2017 school year is quickly approaching! I report back to school on August 4th. I will get to meet my new kinders on August 8th. I am not ready for summer to be over but I must admit I am excited to see their little faces!
 I always love giving my kiddos a few things at Meet the Teacher. A few years ago I found the Ready Confetti poem on Pinterest and it is a big hit my with kiddos! It is so much fun hearing then tell me about how they put the confetti under their pillows and didn't worry at all about the first day of kindergarten.
My Walmart finally had the bubble wands on clearance..whoop whoop! I made these Bubbling with excitement tags to go with them. I also found this adorable quote on Pinterest to put on a bag of goldfish. It may be my new favorite idea!

I couldn't resist HA!
If you would like to grab the tags just click on the picture below! What are some of your favorite things to do for Meet the Teacher?
I hope you all have AmAzInG  2016-2017 school year!!! Much love!

Teacher Emergency Kit

Hi guys!  It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive again, to let you in on a little organizational secret that makes my teacher life so much easier!  Our classrooms are our homes away from home!  Often times, during the school year, we spend more time there, than we do at our actual houses!  Having all the things that we might need at school, just like we do in our homes helps to alleviate stress and keep us prepared, that is why I always restock my teacher emergency kit every summer!

I got most of these things at the Target or Bed Bath and Beyond's travel section.  As I was in the check out line last week, the cashier asked me if  I was going on a trip!  I just said yes, because I didn't want to explain that I am a weirdo teacher who likes to be over-prepared for any possible situation that might arise!

So what all is in the box?

#1 - Things to help you stay pretty...

1. Lint roller - adios dog hair!
2. Hairspray - get back in the bun!
3. Wrinkle Release - if you guys have not tried this yet, it is amazing!  I use it almost everyday because I'm lazy and I hate ironing.
4. Lotion - who doesn't have at least 10 of these bottles lying around as gifts given to you at Christmas/Valentine's Day/Teacher's Appreciation Day/Your Birthday/etc.?
5. Tide pen - another one of those if you haven't tried it, you need to!!!
6. Nail file - I bite my nails, I don't need this, but I'm sure all the classy ladies out there do : )
7. Hair Ties - No more using a rubber band when your hair tie breaks!
8. Bobby Pins - get back in the bun #2!
9. Safety Pins - The one thing standing between you and indecent exposure on some days.

#2 - Things to protect yo' self with...

1. Sunblock - surprise assembly outside at 1pm? No problem!
2. Lip Balm - Mango and Acai are my favorite Burt's Bees.
3. Off! - Anyone else have a recent mosquito problem at their school?
4. Floss - Shouldn't have brought that spinach dip for lunch.
5. - Band-Aid Friction Block - AMAZING!  Starting to feel a blister coming on?  Rub this on the spot, and voila! No blisters!

#3 - If you only bring in 4 things...

2. Headache Medicine - Of course I'd love for you to sing me "Let it Go" again...
3. Ibuprofen - a.k.a - I'm getting too old to participate in field day.
4. Breath Mints (see above mentioned spinach dip)

#4 - The unmentionables...(The things other teachers whisper ask for)

1. Tampons - Bring on the khakis!
2 & 3 Tums and Anti-diarrhea medicine - no explanation needed...
4. Deodorant - Field day/Observation/Field Trip/The month of August

That's it folks!  That's what I keep in my emergency supply kit.  I make sure to have plenty of everything, because all of the teachers in my school know that I have the goods, and I am constantly getting little student ambassadors sent to my room to ask for emergency items! : )  

What other things do you like to keep at school?  What do I need to add to my obsessive pile?

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten...

Twas the night before Kindergarten, and all through the house, not a dry eye was found, not even in a hound....

As I am gearing up to send my daughter to Kindergarten this year, I find the beginning of this story all too familiar.  Though I am a month away from my daughter starting Kindergarten, I can't help but think of what I can do to help her transition to her new school, her "big kid school," as she calls it.  

We have spent our summer reading many books, some about Kindergarten, and some not.  One of the books that I have included on our library is the classic, The Kissing Hand.  Each year, I have made the choice to read this book to my new class of Kindergartners on the the first day (along with many more books about Kindergarten and school).  Since this is the first book I read to my new class, I decided to include it in my summer letter to my kids and their families.  In the letter I introduce myself, and then invite them to check out at the local library, or listen to The Kissing Hand online (you tube) the night before the first day.  Once they have read the book, they use the temporary heart tattoo, that was included in my letter, to place in their hand (they can do the palm--rubs off easily, or on the back of their hand).  I tell the parents/families to kiss the tattoo before their child goes to school, and their kiss will be their child all day.  

Since starting this, I have many children come with their hearts on, and occasionally I will see them rubbing or holding the heart.  I find that it has helped not only the child, but also the families. 

I know for certain that not only will my daughter be adorning the heart tattoo on the first day, but I will be too.  

Please feel free to use this idea.  I will include the link to the the heart tattoos here.

Have a great start to the year!!!

Back to School Label Freebie

Hello friends! Heather from Learning with Mrs. Langley here! I am getting set for a new back to school season and even though it may sound crazy...I am ready to say good bye to summer! 

I am really lucky because I get my class list early. Because I am the only kindergarten teacher it is no surprise that all of the kinders will be in my class. This week was all about LABELS at my house. 
I made these labels last year to label cubbies, math journals, and writing notebooks. If I get this chore done early I have more time to work in my classroom later. When I got them out to re-do them this year I went ahead and just put them into an editable file for you. Here is a preview! 

To get the labels for free click HERE

Thanks for stopping by today! I am all set with labels, now just to get into my room sometime this week (hopefully!).

Back To School: Unpack Your Backpack!

Hello Everyone!! This is Molly from Miss K's Little Rays! Our theme for this month is Back to School! Does anyone else have mixed emotions on this time of the summer???? Losing our days of being poolside and having some time off but gaining a class full of excited little ones is nothing short of bittersweet! 

As I prepare for back to school, I am getting my plans ready for Unpack Your Backpack! This is an event we have where students get to come to the school before the first day to meet the teacher, bring their school supplies, and in my kinder babe's case, explore the school! I love Unpack Your Backpack because it helps me start to put names to faces of my students, I get to meet and share important information with parents, and it helps me to feel organized!

So how am I setting up UnPack Your Backpack?? 

For starters, I am making stations for students to put their supplies. When students enter the room, I will have numbers on each table. Accompanying the numbers will be a picture of the school tool that will go there (ie: #1 and a picture of pencils). Students will go around the room placing the appropriate school supply with the table it belongs to. One reason I am excited to do this is so I can watch how my new students interact with each other and how they go about finishing this task. It will be a good way for me to informally see their social skills and if they can accomplish getting all of their supplies sorted out!

While the students are working to do this as independently as possible, I will get to talk with parents! I will have a sign in sheet with student and parent names, email, and phone number. This helps me to already get parent contact information in and secure before things get too busy ;) This past year, I wrote a letter for the parents to read and sign that explained how I use social media (Instagram and Blogger) to share what our classroom does throughout the year. I asked written permission from parents to use photographs that feature their students and gave them the links to access so that they could follow and keep up with our classroom. I got AMAZING feedback from that so I will most definitely be bringing that back!! 

I also had a sign up sheet for providing popsicles and ice for the first few weeks of school. Our school is on the not-so-new side and lacks the comfort of air conditioning, so having twenty 5-6 year olds in the beginning of the year with extreme heat= not good!!! Parents loved being able to sign up and I even had parents offer to bring extra snacks, fans, and other school supplies. As parents walked around the room, they read the back to school pamphlet that I used that had all of our school and classroom information.

I love being able to meet the families before school begins because it allows me to really stress the importance of consistent communication and excitement that goes into their child's learning. I love being able to put faces to names and make sure that all questions are answered before the year begins. I am getting a little giddy about this as I type!

Are you ready for school to be back??? Share what you do to get ready for back to school in the comments section! Thanks for checking out my post!!

Getting Ready for Back to School: Homework Folders

Happy Summer, Kindertribe!
It is a little weird talking about back to school for me, seeing as my last year ended only 2 weeks ago! Although I know the end of the year is super stressful, the beginning of a new one is even more so.

There are a few things I do at the end of the year to help the transition into the new one go smoothly. We have to take down and pack up EVERYTHING, so for a good two weeks before the kids come, I am working on setting up my classroom so it is ready for the first day (and ya know...the whole year). The LAST thing I want to do is the “Charlie Work” tasks that need to get done.

I teach at a Pre-K through 8th grade school, so in those last few days where everyone is checked out, I always borrow a few middle school helpers to get the little tasks done (and done right- something the kinder babies can’t help with). Sharpening pencils, sorting out shiny new crayons, and fixing broken rekenreks are a few tasks they have helped me with, but none are as helpful as them preparing my back-to- school packets and homework folders.

We are required to give homework nightly, so I try to have it be as meaningful as possible. My homework folders are very important, and I see them as a way to teach my students responsibility and problem solving. They are responsible  for bringing them back and forth daily, and putting them in the proper bin upon arrival. They are full of helpful information that they are used to seeing in class, so they (and their parents) are able to use them as a tool to help with homework and other learning.

We have a very transient population, so I use name labels on the front so I can change them out easily when new students arrive. I use the poly folders from Target, and as long as the kid isn’t too rough on it, they last longer than the whole year (even toted around in backpacks).

I saw this idea on a blog years ago (forgot who- sorry!), but I label the sides of the folder to reinforce left and right.

I like to keep very open lines of communication with parents, so I like to have my contact info easily accessible. I make labels with all the ways they can contact me and stick them right on. I also want my students to know an emergency number they can call, so I have parents write their number in, and seeing it daily really helps them remember it!

My kids definitely aren't babied by me, so I do hope they have some self-sufficiency when working at home. In a page protector, I put some “homework helpers” for them to reference if they need help. Each folder contains an alphabet chart, mini word wall, number chart, 100 chart, shapes, and symbols. We use these tools in  class, it only makes sense to have them at home, too. You can grab this homework helper here

These folders are my first line of communication between parents, and are a way to prepare my kids for the rigors of the grades to come. Getting them set up is an easy thing to do while Netflixing, and will save you a ton of time and frustration as the year begins.