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Twas the Night Before Kindergarten...

Twas the night before Kindergarten, and all through the house, not a dry eye was found, not even in a hound....

As I am gearing up to send my daughter to Kindergarten this year, I find the beginning of this story all too familiar.  Though I am a month away from my daughter starting Kindergarten, I can't help but think of what I can do to help her transition to her new school, her "big kid school," as she calls it.  

We have spent our summer reading many books, some about Kindergarten, and some not.  One of the books that I have included on our library is the classic, The Kissing Hand.  Each year, I have made the choice to read this book to my new class of Kindergartners on the the first day (along with many more books about Kindergarten and school).  Since this is the first book I read to my new class, I decided to include it in my summer letter to my kids and their families.  In the letter I introduce myself, and then invite them to check out at the local library, or listen to The Kissing Hand online (you tube) the night before the first day.  Once they have read the book, they use the temporary heart tattoo, that was included in my letter, to place in their hand (they can do the palm--rubs off easily, or on the back of their hand).  I tell the parents/families to kiss the tattoo before their child goes to school, and their kiss will be their child all day.  

Since starting this, I have many children come with their hearts on, and occasionally I will see them rubbing or holding the heart.  I find that it has helped not only the child, but also the families. 

I know for certain that not only will my daughter be adorning the heart tattoo on the first day, but I will be too.  

Please feel free to use this idea.  I will include the link to the the heart tattoos here.

Have a great start to the year!!!

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