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Teacher Emergency Kit

Hi guys!  It's Cori from Mrs. B's Beehive again, to let you in on a little organizational secret that makes my teacher life so much easier!  Our classrooms are our homes away from home!  Often times, during the school year, we spend more time there, than we do at our actual houses!  Having all the things that we might need at school, just like we do in our homes helps to alleviate stress and keep us prepared, that is why I always restock my teacher emergency kit every summer!

I got most of these things at the Target or Bed Bath and Beyond's travel section.  As I was in the check out line last week, the cashier asked me if  I was going on a trip!  I just said yes, because I didn't want to explain that I am a weirdo teacher who likes to be over-prepared for any possible situation that might arise!

So what all is in the box?

#1 - Things to help you stay pretty...

1. Lint roller - adios dog hair!
2. Hairspray - get back in the bun!
3. Wrinkle Release - if you guys have not tried this yet, it is amazing!  I use it almost everyday because I'm lazy and I hate ironing.
4. Lotion - who doesn't have at least 10 of these bottles lying around as gifts given to you at Christmas/Valentine's Day/Teacher's Appreciation Day/Your Birthday/etc.?
5. Tide pen - another one of those if you haven't tried it, you need to!!!
6. Nail file - I bite my nails, I don't need this, but I'm sure all the classy ladies out there do : )
7. Hair Ties - No more using a rubber band when your hair tie breaks!
8. Bobby Pins - get back in the bun #2!
9. Safety Pins - The one thing standing between you and indecent exposure on some days.

#2 - Things to protect yo' self with...

1. Sunblock - surprise assembly outside at 1pm? No problem!
2. Lip Balm - Mango and Acai are my favorite Burt's Bees.
3. Off! - Anyone else have a recent mosquito problem at their school?
4. Floss - Shouldn't have brought that spinach dip for lunch.
5. - Band-Aid Friction Block - AMAZING!  Starting to feel a blister coming on?  Rub this on the spot, and voila! No blisters!

#3 - If you only bring in 4 things...

2. Headache Medicine - Of course I'd love for you to sing me "Let it Go" again...
3. Ibuprofen - a.k.a - I'm getting too old to participate in field day.
4. Breath Mints (see above mentioned spinach dip)

#4 - The unmentionables...(The things other teachers whisper ask for)

1. Tampons - Bring on the khakis!
2 & 3 Tums and Anti-diarrhea medicine - no explanation needed...
4. Deodorant - Field day/Observation/Field Trip/The month of August

That's it folks!  That's what I keep in my emergency supply kit.  I make sure to have plenty of everything, because all of the teachers in my school know that I have the goods, and I am constantly getting little student ambassadors sent to my room to ask for emergency items! : )  

What other things do you like to keep at school?  What do I need to add to my obsessive pile?


  1. I keep a drawer full of things just for me, but I have never seen that bandaid friction block. I need to get some stat!

    1. I was so skeptical Amanda! I bought it for a wedding, and it was kind of weird, you put it on like deodorant, but it totally works!