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Back to School Organization

It's that time of year.....we are all excited and getting ready for Back to School.

One of the first things I always do in my classroom is work on fine tuning my organization.  I do this before bulletin boards, before setting up my tables, and before I set up my desk.

One of my favorite organizations tips is setting up a place to keep all your materials for the week.

I bought these 3 drawer units and added labels to them for each day of the week.  I also added a label for "next week" as well.  As I make my copies for the week or pull activities and books, I just put them in the correct drawer.

This makes my life so much easier during the week.  It also makes planning for a sub (or emergency sub plans) so much easier.  I can just pull everything out of the drawer and voila, the sub has all he/she needs.

I have one extra set of drawers for work that needs to be checked, stuff to copy, and items that need to be filed.

Do you think you could use these in your classroom?  Just click {here} for a free download of the labels.  There is even a couple blanks ones that you can write your label on.

I hope your back to school time goes smoothly and you have the best year yet!

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