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What Worked Well Wednesday: Nouns

Hey Kinder Tribe!

We have been learning about nouns this past week and I want to share with you a few things that I did with my class. I teach a Kindergarten and First grade combination class this year and so my classroom is a little bit different than it would be if I was full K but, both my Kindergarten and First grade students responded really well to learning about nouns this week so I thought I would share! I forgot to snap pictures of what we did, however, I will take them tomorrow and add them to this post later!

First, we watched the Brain Pop Jr. video about nouns. It's free so you can watch that here! My kiddos just love Annie and Moby! The video goes pretty deep with the different types of nouns so feel free to stop the video where you like!

After that, we came up with some ideas of examples of a person, place, and a thing. I listed them in an anchor chart so we can always refer back to it if we needed it!

In Phonics, we have been working on sounds spelling and tapping out words. So to reinforce that, I dictated a couple of sentences to my students and have them write it on their white board. They then had to go back and find all the nouns in those sentences and circle them.

I have some pretty awesome Kinders and they are always wanting to know more and go deeper, so I decided to introduce them to the concept of common and proper nouns. Annie and Moby mention it in the Brain Pop video but I wanted my students to have a little more exposure to it!

 I got some sticky notes and wrote one of the categories of nouns(person, place, or thing) on the top. I passed them out at random and the students had to write an example of a person,  place, or thing, depending on their sticky note. Once they did that, I had them come to the white board and decide whether they should put their sticky note on the common nouns side or the proper nouns side. I asked them some guiding questions as they were coming up: "Is there lots of these or just one? and Does it start with a lowercase or uppercase letter?." They did really great with it!

I am so excited to read about what has been working well in your classroom! Link up below and share!

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