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Our Classroom has an Elf!!

Happy December (almost!) It is Molly from Miss K's Little Rays!!

There is no better time of year than the HOLIDAY SEASON!! I am a lover of Christmas and all that it entails, so obviously going the extra mile at school was a must ;)

Last year, I read my students Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy and had a gingerbread fairy that visited our room daily. She watched for students who had awesome behavior and displayed our school's core values!

To add to the mix, this year our class got an elf! And like any elf, he was delivered STRAIGHT from the North Pole! I had my teaching bestie (Beginnings with Baer) deliver the wrapped package this afternoon. We spent quite some time guessing what could be in it. I had a lot of students guessing it was a rock (not sure why we would get a rock!!) but the look on their face when they saw the elf on the shelf was PRICELESS! Unfortunately I was not thinking and didn't capture that exact moment! I read them the letter he had written and we read the classic book to go with it. We went over how we CANNOT touch the elf or he could lose his magic! I even explained to them that some of my teacher friends had elves that needed to go to the doctor after they had been touched by a student! That got their eyes big and bold!

We then gathered on the carpet and did a partner talk about possible names. We then came together as a class and discussed what we liked best! It came down to Ben, Twinkles, and Candy Cane. And the winner was....

We left for the day wondering of ALL the possible places Candy Cane could be when we return tomorrow. As long as he doesn't mess with my caffeine, I will be a happy teacher ;) Before leaving, I did have one student look at the Elf and say, "Hey, could you let Santa know that I am really a happy kid?"

Tomorrow we will begin our Elf Journal where we will document each day where we found Candy Cane and what he was doing!

Stay tuned to hear more about the Elf in Room 103!

What do you do for holiday fun in your room??


  1. LOVE the name Candy Cane!!!

    Our elf, who was given the name Snowflake, arrived RIGHT as we were getting ready to write letters to Santa asking for one. One of my littles said "Santa's always watching!! He knew we wanted an elf!" Snowflake even came in a box that was COLD!!

    1. Love it!! What a coincidence on his arrival ;) Kinders never cease to amaze me with their quotes!!

  2. What a thrill to deliver Candy Cane!!! He will find lots of good kiddos in Room 103!!!! Can't wait to see what he does!!!

    1. So thankful you were able to be our mail lady! My little rays LOVED the suspense!!