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What Worked Well Wednesday: Fine Motor Skills

Hey everyone, it's Amanda here from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten with you today.

I wanted to share a quick idea that has been working well in my classroom to help my students develop their fine motor skills and handwriting strokes.

I have started hanging up white butcher paper on the wall and showing my students a particular handwriting stroke.  Then we practice it with our fingers in the air.  Next, I give students a marker and let them practice that stroke on the butcher paper on the wall.  They each make 5 - 10 strokes on the butcher paper.

Once we have each had a turn doing this on the butcher paper, we go back to our seats and then practice the same handwriting stroke on blank paper with crayons.

I'm sure you know, just like I do, that students think everything is more fun when we let them use markers or crayons rather than

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