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Growing Roots in our Students

Hey y'all!! Emily here, from Carnes' Corner. I found this quote on Pinterest over the weekend, and it was too beautiful not to share:

I love the fall colors, for one, and the words are just beautiful! I'm sure it could be read in many different ways, but I just love looking at it from a teachers point of view. 

As teachers, we are a HUGE part of our students lives (especially in kindergarten!)  It is super important that we stay in constant communication with our parents, so that all of us are on the same page.  I can only imagine the "roots" our students would grow if parents/teachers ALL worked together well!

This year, I'm not only sending out a weekly newsletter (via email) with important dates coming up, sight word lists, specials rotation schedule, etc., but I'm also using Shutterfly for my classroom website. It's been such a great tool!  I'm using it to share files (newsletters, homework calendar, etc.) as well as class photos.  My classroom parents can also share photos with each other of fun events.  I've absolutely loved it!

What are some ways that you are connecting with parents? Do you feel that you have a good relationship with your classroom parents?

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