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Kinder Tribe Book Study: Chapter 5 The Transitional Reader

Hello Kinder Tribe friends. Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley and I am back to review the next chapter in Jan Richardson's The Next Step in Guided Reading. 
This chapter is FULL of ideas for the transitional reader from kindergarten through middle school. Transitional readers are tricky because they all need something different! Some struggle with comprehension while others need work with fluency. Let's dive right in! 

Assessing students is probably the part I struggle with the most so I really focused in on this part of the chapter. I love the materials that Richardson has available in the Appendix to assess students word knowledge inventory and then additional materials for the reading conference. You don't have to create anything or find anything online because it's all right there in the book. 

Work Knowledge Inventory- This is given as a whole class (or with kinders just your high kiddos). It is a carefully designed list of words for students to spell. 

Reading Conference- The reading conference should consist of a running record where the teacher makes notes of self monitoring, rereading, decoding, self correcting, and fluency. The conference should also include an oral retell (checking for comprehension).  

Richardson provides the guided reading plan for transitional readers on page 313 of the book. Unlike the reading plan for early readers (discussed in chapter 4) the transitional reading plan includes 3 days of instruction rather than just 2. The third day includes a writing prompt with planning and writing time. She points out that the writing piece has two goals, extending and assessing comprehension and improving writing skills. So important! 

If you haven't already I encourage you to go through and watch all of the videos. I have watched most of them but not all so I have some time set aside this week to go back and watch the videos I missed. I will be taking some notes! 

What was your aha! moment in this chapter? This will sound silly but mine was the fact that word study is still included in the transitional reader lesson plan. I thought that by now I could skip those and focus more on comprehension but the word lists included in the chapter were very helpful for me to see that those are things I need to work. They will be very helpful when working with my high groups this year. 

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Thanks for stopping by today! 

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