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Classroom Organization: Getting a handle on all of the STUFF!

Hello Kinder Tribe! Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley. Today I am here to talk all about organization. Let me be honest....I am the WORST! I have great intentions and then I start making piles and throwing stuff in my closet and pretty soon I can't find a thing. I usually spend a day each Winter break cleaning out said closet and getting everything back in order. This year was no different! 

I don't have a picture of this one because I had to take my haul to the dumpster before I could change my mind. STOP hoarding! You will feel so much better...I promise! I had an entire garbage bag full of coffee cans that I have been tripping over for months and I can't think of a thing I want to do with them so I gave them to a friend instead. I threw away/recycled about 2 boxes full of other stuff and it gave me SO MUCH ROOM in my closet. Now my brain can function again.

Have you ever realized that you missed a fun unit because you FORGOT you had it? ME TOO! I started keeping these binders with my master copies of everything for the month to help solve that problem. I keep our Monthly Homework in these binders and some monthly Easy Prep Centers in case I need to grab something quick. 
I also keep our important school supplies in clear drawers with labels so I can send kiddos into the closet to grab more glue sticks if we need more. It helps me know when we are getting low too! 

I also keep my Reading Street materials in binders so all the extras I have to go with each unit have a home. I keep the unit I am teaching on my desk and these stay in the closet. 

I have slowly added to my collection of clear plastic bins so I can see what is hiding on every shelf. The $1.00 shoe bins are my favorite!

It took me all day but I got my closet cleaned out, made my trip to the dumpster and the recycling bins, and donated the rest of what I didn't want. I started 2017 with a little extra organization under my belt and it helped things run smoothly those first few days back.  
Thank you for stopping by Kinder Tribe today. I hope some of these tips can help you get a great start to a new year! 

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