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Elf Fun

Hey everyone, it's Amanda from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten and I would love to tell you about my absolute favorite holiday activity that I do with my class.

It's called "Elf Yourself" and it is so much fun!  I take my students and turn them into elves.

To make these fun crafts, I take pictures of my students and then use the templates in my craftivity to make the body, hat, hands, and feet.

I like using Christmas themed scrapbook paper to make these unique for each student.  You don't have to use scrapbook paper, you could simply use red, green, and white construction paper as well.

Not only do these make an adorable display in the classroom, but my parents always love getting these to hang in their houses and keep too!  I had a former parent tell me that she loves getting out her child's elf every year when they decorate their house for Christmas.

If you would like to make these, click on the image below to grab this product from my TpT store.

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