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Fall Math Freebie

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Hello Kinder Friends. I hope you all are starting to enjoy some cooler weather! I have finally gotten to break out my sweaters, but it's still a little to warm for my tall boots and scarves.

Today, I'm here to share with you one of my favorite my games - Roll and Cover.
For this classic game, students roll the dice, count the dots, and cover it. Super simple and kids love to play it over and over again.

You can make it a partner game and have students race to see who can cover their board.

At this time of year, we are working with the numbers 1-10. I didn't want to do two dice and go to twelve, so I made a spinner to go to 10.  I LOVE how the kids are getting extra practice with the ten frames on this game. You can get all the game boards and the spinner FREE HERE.

{When you download it, yours will say spin and cover not roll and cover}

I bought these spinners off of amazon a few years ago. I found that when I stuck them straight into the spinner, they didn't spin very. So instead of directly attaching them to the spinner, I cut a square of leftover laminate, hole punched the middle, and added the spinner.

Then, you just lay the laminate on top of the spinner. It works for ANY SPINNER! 

You click above to buy 8 spinners to make your own spinners.

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(Yes, I used the same spinner for the 1 more/1 less game!)

I often get asked where I found my plastic pumpkins. I got them at Target a few years ago. I did find that they do have similar ones on Amazon, but as cute as they are, they are 7.99 for only 25!

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