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Guided Reading Must Haves!

Hey Y'all! It's Lindsey from Chalkboard Charm! The ladies of Kinder Tribe will be sharing their best tips about Guided Reading with you this month! I want to kick off this series by sharing with you my Must Haves for Guided Reading!

Having quality books are of utmost importance! My school purchases licenses for Reading A-Z which is a great resource if you don't have a huge Guided Reading Library yourself! If you don't have a Reading A-Z license, then you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to see if you think the money for a full license is worth it! Also in the picture, you can see the books from our last adopted reading series as well as some of the books that I have purchased from Scholastic!

Teaching how to track words to Kinders can be easy when you have the right tools! I often use these eye rings and finger laser lights to engage my little readers. I found my eye rings at Michaels and the lasers from the Dollar Tree. I have seen all sorts of cute trackers like witches fingers and wands from places like Target as well!

I like to teach my kids how to decode words by using Beanie Baby Strategies. This is the bulletin board right next to my Guided Reading Table. I have the posters and the cute Beanie Babies ready at any moment a friend needs some help decoding a word. There are tons of paid and free Beanie Baby Strategies Products on TPT. Click here for the search!

Most of my Guided Reading lessons have some sort of word work involved. There are a lot of different activities that I use but the materials that I use are normally letter tiles, magnets, and play dough. I am pretty sure the letter tiles have been in my classroom since the 90s but, I still use them on occasion. The magnets in the picture were purchased just for guided reading and are separate from the magnets that we use during literacy centers. I purchased the play dough from Dollar Tree. I am normally a sucker for name brand play dough but, I love the small containers that Dollar Tree had. And HELLO! Teacher Budget!

Sight words is a huge deal in Kindergarten! I always stress that to parents at the beginning of the year! It builds so confidence that seems to always start kids off of the right foot when learning how to read! My rings of sight words from my Sight Word Scoops and Cara Carroll's Fluency flashcards are always within an arms reach! There are a ton of Sight Word and Fluency resources out there so do your research and invest if you haven't already!

I always like to try and have my Kinders write at some point during the Guided Reading Lesson. We use several different kinds of materials for that! I have whiteboards, small lined white boards (Dollar Tree), and each of my kiddos have a notebook that we can use if we are feeling fancy enough.

The last picture I have is just a collection of general materials that I have to use when needed. I like to have those small orange containers to hold the magnets that we are using that day or a word sort that you can see below! I like to keep 5 boxes of crayons, pencils, and a few materials that we use to help us sound out words with sounds boxes. 

So what did I miss?! What are you Guided Reading Must Haves?! Share in the comments below!


  1. These are great Lindsey! I love those eye rings. I need to get some of those to add to my guided reading basket pronto!
    Amanda :)

  2. Love your ideas. I have a set of strategy cars, but I don't have any of the actual beanies. I am jealous!

  3. Love your ideas. I have a set of strategy cars, but I don't have any of the actual beanies. I am jealous!