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What Worked Well Wednesday: Splat- The Sight Word Game

Hey y'all! This is Lauren from Polka Dots and Pals! I am excited to share my "What Worked Well Wednesday" with you all!

I wanted to share a way that I review sight words before I quiz them each Friday. My kids love to play the game, SPLAT! It is a great way to review sight words, and the kids ask to play it all the time. When I was explaining to the kids that we were going to play games at our 50th Day Celebration, they all excitedly asked if we were going to play SPLAT! Kids LOVE this game.
On the activeboard, I have a slide that has nine sight words on it. The kids are put into two teams (I always have a yellow team and a red team). Then one person from each team comes and stands in front of the board (I have a line that they have to stay behind). Each child has a fly-swatter. When each child is standing and ready, I call out a sight word that is on the board. The kids have to swat the correct word. The child that swats the word first earns a point for their team. The players then rotate through each team. I usually go three complete rounds. Here are some pictures of my kiddos playing (sorry some of them were so blurry...they move really fast).
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